AHEC has been preparing Students For Health Careers for Over a Decade.
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Since 1998, West Central Missouri AHEC has been helping students in the Kansas City metro and surrounding rural counties pursue their dreams of becoming health professionals. We offer several opportunities to increase student awareness of a variety of healthcare careers, help them focus on their health career goals and prepare to become the best-prepared candidates for their chosen health profession.

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ACES is a comprehensive program that blends hands-on enrichment activities, online learning modules, service-learning projects, job shadowing and/or volunteering in health facilities with a comprehensive individual career plan that enables high school and undergraduate students to demonstrate a portfolio for health professions training that will set them apart.

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West Central Missouri AHEC staff members are available to meet with students to discuss health career interests, develop short-term and long-term goals for college and health professions training, and discuss financial aid opportunities for college. Sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours and parents are encouraged to participate. ICP Sessions are included in the package price for ACES students. Cost is $25 per session.

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Now more than ever, high school students are learning about high-demand for careers in the health field, but many are often unprepared for the rigors of health professions training or are not developing the personal portfolio needed to gain acceptance to competitive programs such as medical, dental, nursing or pharmacy schools. 

Health Career Programs
AHEC works with high school and undergraduate students to explore and prepare for careers in the healthcare field.  Learn more about these programs on the STUDENT PROGRAMS tab.

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