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Advisory Board
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Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie has been with AHEC for 23 years, working with students interested in the healthcare field.  She has extensive experience with health career counseling, networking students with healthcare professionals and training program admissions staff, and providing hands-on activities for high school and undergraduate pre-health majors.  

Amanda Arnold 
HCC Network

Brook Balentine

HCC Network

Carli Zegers

Truman Medical Center

Caroline Bequette
Cleveland University

Eric Johnson
UMKC School of Medicine
Physician Assistant Program

Jeremy Bonnesen
Summit Technology Academy

Lori Halsey 
Independence School District 

Martha McCabe
KC STEM Alliance

Ronda Cuington 
U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs
UMKC School of Nursing

Richie Bigham

University of Missouri
School of Dentistry

Sharon Little-Stoetzel
Graceland University School of Nursing

Todd Geringer
MCCKC Health Science Institute


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